“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” 

― Eleanor Roosevelt


Our tours

Day Tours  from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to enrich and inspire you!

We provide a variety of day tours to organic farms, dairies & wineries, as well as Aussie country towns and great natural bush land. Leaving from Brisbane and the Gold Coast and on some tours the Sunshine Coast, our tours take you inland to the Scenic Rim, the Gold Coast hinterland and the Border Ranges as well we go up to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Get out of the city for some fun and relaxation!

Beach 2 Bush offers fun and relaxing tours to people looking for a stress-free day out, where they can connect to nature, engage with rural communities while taking in the atmosphere of good old-fashioned country living.

Our priority is to continuously give our customers a safe, comfortable and informative experience of Australia’s farms and forests, whilst discovering the passion of the people, the beauty of the land and respecting the environment and its heritage.

Everything is better when done with love & laughter!

Our tours will give you up to 8 hours of fun, laughter and great experiences. All you have to do is jump on board and let the hidden gems of the Australian bushland amaze you!


With Beach 2 Bush Tours you will:

  • Meet and chat with farmers who are passionate about delivering the best produce.
  • Watch hand-crafted produce being made by cheese & wine experts.
  • See and interact with happy and contented animals.
  • Learn about the basics of sustainable organic farming.
  • Taste delicious fresh food, drink clean water and breathe pure, country air.

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What to expect

Beach 2 Bush is committed to the purpose of you coming home at the end of the day feeling relaxed, nourished by the gifts of Mother Earth, and a little more educated about the inspiring way our affiliate farmers treat the planet.
We connect with these farmers and producers to support cooperative economies, sustainable food production and social fairness. But we guarantee that above all that, your day will be filled with interesting and humorous stories, breath taking landscapes, tasty natural foods and good old fun.

About Elaine

Born and bred in a small country town in western Victoria, I’ve always had a passion for the land and its people. I love to listen to those tales that are passed through generations, bringing our country’s memories to life. I also love when these stories show the powerful connection we all have with the earth, and how our contribution and respect to nature and fellow man kind can bring us health and joy.

I established Beach 2 Bush tours so everyone can have the opportunity to come out and experience a taste of authentic life in the bush and all of its wonderful qualities.

As these days most people live in the city and coastline areas, we are getting alienated from the origins of what we eat and drink. The food that we purchase in the supermarkets, often has been refrigerated for months, and a lot of times, comes from overseas, which is a contradiction to the resourceful land we are blessed with in Australia.

After more than 20 years embracing a natural and community-based lifestyle, I have found that when we purchase our food from our area, not only are we supporting our community, but the food also tastes better and has a whole lot more nutritional value.

By meeting the people who grow and produce what my family and I consume, I have learned once again about the richness of our land, the value of transparent and integral businesses and ultimately how our relationship with nature is vital for our happiness inside and out.

I’d love you to come out on my bus and meet these people, to see for yourself the amazing communities that they have built and hear the incredible stories they have to tell. Life in the bush is one of those things that you have to experience to believe. I say come on out with us and live it for a day!

Mission statement

To continuously give people a fun, comfortable, safe and informative experience of Australia’s country towns, farms and forests, whilst discovering the passion of the people, the beauty of the land and respecting the environment and its heritage.





Elaine - Bush2Beach Tours